SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme

SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme – securing your future.

Pension recipients

Report any change of address directly to the SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme.

Report any change of your bank account directly to the SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme.

Report any relocation abroad directly to the SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme. Depending on where you move, a withholding tax will be deducted from your pension benefits or any lump-sum payment, even if you have a Swiss bank account. For further information please contact the SR Technics Switzerland pension scheme.

In accordance with the instructions issued by the Federal Council (see Art. 36 paragraph 1 BVG), survivors’ and disability pensions whose payment period exceeds three years are adjusted to the cost of living until the regular AHV retirement age has been reached.

In the event of a member’s death, the pension scheme pays death benefits to the survivors (spouse’s/partner’s pension, orphan’s pension, lump-sum settlement), provided the requirements under the regulations are met.

Spouse’s pension: On principle, the amount of the annual spouse’s pension amounts to

  • 60% of the insured disability pension if the deceased spouse was an active member at the time of death;
  • 60% of the current disability or retirement pension if the spouse was disabled or retired at the time of death.

Upon written request by the beneficiary, the spouse’s pension resulting from the death of an active member may be paid in the form of a one-time lump-sum settlement. Beneficiaries have a period of three months to opt for a lump-sum settlement. Beneficiaries may also draw a part of their benefits as lump-sum capital and the other part as a pension.

Partner’s pension: Applications for partner’s pensions must be submitted within six months of the member’s death. The amount of the partner’s pension is equal to that of the spouse’s pension.

Orphan’s pension: Each child that qualifies for a pension is entitled to an orphan’s pension.

Lump-sum settlement: If no beneficiary is entitled to a spouse’s or partner’s pension in the event of an active, disabled or retired member’s death, a lump-sum settlement is due. The beneficiaries are specified in the Pension Regulations. By written declaration made during their lifetime, members may change the order of the beneficiaries under the Pension Regulations within the individual categories and/or determine the unequal distribution of the lump-sum settlement among several beneficiaries in the same category.

Disbursement: Survivors’ benefits will be disbursed as soon as the pension fund has received the required documents, such as the list of heirs, children’s birth certificates or proof of fulltime education.

Pensions are paid monthly, on the fourth day of the following month. Lump-sum benefits are paid within 30 days after clarification of the entitlement.