Occupational benefits provision by SR Technics Switzerland

A visionary pension scheme
The pension schemes provided by SR Technics Switzerland are among the most progressive in Switzerland, with pension benefits exceeding the statutory minimum solution.

In the context of their occupational benefits provision, the pension schemes of SR Technics Switzerland offer Swiss-based staff members of SR Technics Switzerland and their families protection against the economic consequences of death and disability. On top of this, they provide retirement benefits.

Our pension schemes offer:

  • Choice between three different contribution plans
  • Buy-in into early retirement 
  • Flexible retirement Choice between pension and lump-sum payment (in the case of continued insurance with the Pen-sion Fund pursuant to Art. 47a BVG, special regulations pursuant to the Pension Regulations of the Pension Fund of SR Technics Switzerland apply)

Board of Trustees (Pension Fund)

Employer representatives:
Jean-Marc Lenz (Chairman)
Martin Schmitz-Dräger
Edgar Silva
Astrid Venz

Employee representatives
Rita Vitanza (Vice Chairwoman)
Eliane Fischer
Robert Gürtler
Pascale Mörikofer

Liquidators (Zusatzkasse)

Employer representatives:
Jean-Marc Lenz (Chairman)
Matthias Düllmann
Jürg Knab
Edgar Silva

Employee representatives:
Martin Schmitz-Dräger
Pascale Mörikofer

Investment committee (Pension Fund)

Martin Schmitz-Dräger (Chairman)
Jean-Marc Lenz (Vice Chairman)
Edgar Silva
Rita Vitanza
Assessor: Mike Müller
Investment Consultant: Philippe Lüthy, AON
Investment Controller: Manuela Hasler, AON

General management (Avadis Vorsorge AG)

Arpad Toth (General Manager)
Jeannette Lukong (Deputy General Manager)